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One to one or group booking 
Induction to Film Photography
Join me for a day of introducing you to film photography. This workshop is a perfect way to gain an initial understanding of working with film 

Throughout the day we will discuss elements that will help you on your new journey as a film photographer and you will be able to put all that you learn into practice.


Bespoke one-to-one 
Film Tution Day 

A one-to-one workshop tailored to your needs focusing on the areas that you need to advance in to improve your film photography. 

This day is an immersive learning experiance that allows you to develop your skills and move your creativity foward.


"I am new to film and a beginner in developing film. I cooked my first roll I attempted to develop and found the whole process a little daunting.

I reached out to Jason to see if he could help me become more confident in the whole process. We spent a day, shooting in the first half of the day and then developing four rolls of film in the afternoon. It was a great experience and I certainly gained a lot more comfort in the process.

Jason is great to work with and puts me at ease. He has a mastery of film and I am very glad that I took the opportunity of a 1-2 session with him."

Aldo King

One-to-one or group 
Film developing workshop
Join me for the day for an introduction of how to develop your own film. The day will be about undertstanding the process, getting the best from your film.
Its a full day of which you put all you have learnt into practice.

"Working side by side with Jason and getting to know his processes were very informative.  I left with new knowledge  and confidence in the darkroom process and am applying them now in my work.

 I feel Jason tailored the course to fit my needs, level of experience and expectations.  The details of his explanations and presentations were sort out in a professional but casual atmosphere, which I appreciated.  I enjoyed the pace and believe it was enough information to be set on a good trajectory on the path of film photography and development.  


I hope to work with Jason again sometime in the near future."

Greg Hawthorne

One-to-one or group
Basic Darkroom Workshop

Join me for a day of introduction to the darkroom. This workshop is the perfect way to gain an understanding of the processes behind producing darkroom prints.

A day full of darkroom instruction focusing on best darkroom etiquette and techniques before putting them into practice and producing your own darkroom work.

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